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Features of online peer review system Journal on Web (JoW)

  • Reproduces the functions of an editorial office on the web
  • Provides an individualized password-protected area for each authority (author, reviewer, editor and staff)
  • Sends automated email notifications and reminders
  • Operates a double-blind peer review
  • Includes MEDLINE links for editors and referees
  • Handles manuscripts up to proof stage and publication online
  • Platform independence just requires a web-browser and internet connection, no need for other software or computer resources

Advantages of web-based manuscript processing

  • Accessibility from any PC
  • Articles can be received and processed at any time
  • Faster clerical work (up to 85%)
  • Reduced submission-decision time (up to 40% faster)
  • Reduced postage/printing cost (up to 80%)
  • Fewer enquiries from authors, as you can check and track the submitted articles
  • Easy record maintenance and performance tracking
  • Liaise quickly and easily with editors, publishers or printers anywhere in the world

Enhanced features on Journal on Web (JoW)